JSL Charity Classic Kids 2017

Each year, as part of the tournament promotion, we feature a few of the children that are part of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation family. As you read about our “2017 Charity Classic Kids” — Junior, Peyton, and Lincoln — we hope you will be inspired by their heroic stories of love, strength, devotion, and above all, hope.


Gerardo “Junior” Ramos was born on August 30, 2012. He is a vibrant and happy 4-year-old. He is artistic and enjoys painting, playdoh, and Lego's. He is very friendly, outgoing, funny and loves his family dearly. He enjoys being both a big brother and a little brother. Junior was diagnosed on February 22, 2016 with a brain mass and had surgery on February 24th. Doctors were able to remove 100% of the tumor; however, the surgery left him with a temporary paralysis on the left side of his body. Click here to read more.



Peyton is a vivacious 4-year old who loves playing with her dog Otis, driving her toy jeep in her backyard, swimming, and playing with Playdoh. When Peyton was 2 years old she came down with a cold that just wouldn’t go away. There wasn’t anything abnormal, but after 2 weeks, her mom took her to the ER. That same day, they did a MRI to find out if she had a possible brain tumor. Click here to read more.



Lincoln is a 4-year-old that is fiercely independent, funny, strong, and his smile lights up a room. Lincoln was diagnosed with torticollis at 4 months, which means "stiff neck." His head tilted about 15 degrees to the right. His pediatrician gave his parents some exercises to do to help him get over it. It looked a little better for a period of time, but when he turned 2 his parents thought it looked like the head tilt had gotten worse. The family had just moved, and during his routine 30-month checkup. Lincoln’s mom asked his new pediatrician if she would recommend physical therapy. Instead, she sent them to get an MRI, "just to rule out any other possible causes." Click here to read more.